7 thoughts on “Welcome to Our New Website!

  1. Roger Ericksen

    My first trip to Tibby’s was from a Peekskill NY foundry in1973. I brought an electric hoist. They kept the metal hot in Peekskill, while you fixed the hoist. I knew you would have a website sooner or later……Nice.

  2. Jason Burt

    Hi – I have a Magnetek Universal Electric motor for my Radon system. The motor is incredibly loud now, so I need to replace it. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Specs are
    Ser. 37M 44039R
    Mod JF1E035N’ 51002-1
    3000RPM Cont. A.O.
    Ball Bearings Class B Ins. Max AMB 40(little o for degrees)C
    Use 4MFD 250VAC Capacitor

    Not sure if I should fix or buy new. Any help is appreciated!

  3. john paragarino

    hello, I have a concrete mixer made by Imer and needs a new drum. Is this something you can repair?

    Best Regards,
    John Paragarino

  4. George

    I have a Toro electric leaf blower, which does not work. I think it is the brushes. Can you help to get it going again? I can bring it to you as I live in Norwalk,Ct.

  5. Micky Ingrassia

    Hello my name is Micky
    I have a Bostitch coil framing gun and I need a O-ring rebuild kit. A friend of mine told me that you have these parts in kit form. Can someone please call me on my cell number and let me know if this is true. My cell number is 203-231-6867. Thank you and again my name is Micky

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